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Cleveland Airport Taxi Tommy & Car Service

Cleveland Tommy - 2 1 6 - 5 7 0 - 6 5 7 1

All Credit Cards Accepted / Pre-Pay by Phone

Pre-pay with a Credit Card - Over the Phone - To Secure the Ride

The Best Service at the Best Price!

Whatever it takes to satisfy you!

I am much more than just a taxi service!

My Best Friend the Square / My Credit Card Machine!

All Credit Cards Accepted!

What Next??????

I helped a man relocating to Cleveland from Boston get approved for an apartment!

I parked in short term parking at the airport and met an 85 year old lady inside. Helped get her luggage and gave her a ride home.

I ran a credit card for a lady from Indiana and gave her son in Cleveland a ride to the airport.

I ran a credit card for a man from New york City and bought flowers and delivered them to his girl friend.

I help people buy tickets to sporting events.

I play the best music. (Wide variety of CD's)

I give the best city tours and the best advice.

I help people plan activities when visiting.

I help patients coming to the Cleveland Clinic.

I help people relocating find whatever they need.

I help people locate grave sites.

I help move furniture. (I hauled a pool table.)

I babysit pit bulls. (I was paid to do this for 1 night.)

I provide emergency roadside service. (I jump cars.)

I bring in garbage cans. (My passenger asked me to.)

I provide childcare. A lady asked me to watch her son while she attended a convention. I played basketball with a teenager for 2 hours.

I gave a teenager driving lessons.

I gave a teenager driving lessons.

I picked up parts for a company and delivered them to a factory.

Pet friendly - Yes my business has transported dogs!